Logo Design

Need a new logo?

Every business needs a great logo. Your Logo serves as an instantly recognizable reminder of your business, a point of recognition on which your brand hangs.

A single glimpse should impart the viewer with a feeling for the values and ideology of your business.

To be great, a logo should

  • Be simple. Simplicity makes a logo easily recognizable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Be memorable. Following closely behind the principle of simplicity is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable, which in turn is achieved through simplicity – the two go hand in hand.
  • Be enduring. A great logo is timeless, ‘future proof’, meaning it should still be effective in years to come.
  • Be versatile. The most effective logos work across a variety of mediums and applications.
  • Be appropriate. A great logo is one that fits with your ideology and values.


There are many places to get a logo created, but we suggest that any logo design service that doesn’t start with an in depth understanding of your business / brand’s values & goals should be avoided.

It is easy to create a pretty graphic, but to create a graphic that instantly communicates the values of your business and imparts that memory in the viewer, requires a deeper understanding of branding.

Talk to us to find out how good your logo could be.