Copy writing Services

Copy writing:  

Great copy is what makes great websites!

A website can be fantastic to look at, and have all the bells & whistles as far as functionality is concerned, but if it doesn’t have great copy, it will not achieve it’s purpose in life – to convert visitors to customers. Period!

What is copy? – The words and how they are used on your website or any advertising format.

What is ‘Great’ copy? – Carefully crafted words and content that informs, persuades and motivates visitors to take action, usually to make contact with your business.

The copy is nearly always the hardest, most time consuming element of any website, or advertising project, but also the most important.

So never neglect the copy. If there is one element that is essential to get professional help with, it’s the copy.

No matter what the project is –

  • a press release
  • website copy
  • newsletters & emails
  • flyers
  • magazine articles / adverts
  • social media posts / competitions

We provide simple, succinct, informative and engage-able copy that will impress your clients and boost success rates. All without you lifting a finger and for less than you think.

Call us today and be impressed!